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Go from Insurance Sales to Risk Management

LAUNCH Helps Independent Insurance Agencies Provide Holistic Risk Management Advice

In the world of insurance, independent agencies fight to survive. You’re held hostage by brokers and selling their price rather than selling your value.

Meanwhile, you can’t collaborate efficiently with other divisions in your own agency, leaving millions of dollars in potential revenue on the table.

That’s where Launch comes in.

Access the full revenue potential of your existing book of business by measuring risk effectively, collaborating across your entire agency and offering more value in a commoditized market.

Who Is LAUNCH For?

LAUNCH is for you if any of THIS sounds familiar…


You want to offer clients exceptional service, but instead, you feel like a product peddler for Big Insurance


You’re mystified when producers can’t answer basic questions, such as “how many lines do we write for this client?”


Your business model is outside of your control and you’re worried it won’t scale efficiently.


You’re fed up losing business to competitors because your teams are slow to collaborate across divisions.


Teams don’t know how to open up sales conversations and it pains you to think about the revenue you’ve missed.

LAUNCH is the solution to all that and more.

Offer A Comprehensive Risk Evaluation That Rivals Any Enterprise

Show prospects and clients exactly where they’re at risk and measure success over the lifecycle of your relationship. 

Three Problems You Can Solve Today:

"I can't find opportunities to expand beyond insurance with my top clients."

LAUNCH is designed to measure a clients full risk profile, from insurance to employee benefits, safety, perpetuation planning and beyond. 

"All my client conversations revolve around premiums and price."

Start having broader conversations with your clients and prospects. LAUNCH analyzes the client’s situation across ALL divisions, and shows your producers exactly where areas of opportunity are.

"My clients don't understand the value I'm bringing to the table."

Start benchmarking your client’s risk and delivering MEASURABLE results across their entire business. It’s time to actually show your value.

Scale Your Agency While Fortifying Client Relationships 

Arm your agency with LAUNCH to bring value to clients and uncover hidden opportunities in your existing book of business.

Gain Agency-Wide Insight On Every Client

Get visibility and insight into the lines of service for any client through the LAUNCH dashboard.

Every producer across all divisions will know which risks have been evaluated and see opportunities for solutions in other areas.

Your team can offer an enterprise-level risk assessment that’s not possible at other agencies.

Competitive advantage? Check!


Make Every Producer A Super Producer

A treasure trove of deep risk evaluation methods other agencies wish for.

Unlock ALL divisions and “wow” clients with a comprehensive risk evaluation that benchmarks exactly where your client needs to take action.

Empower your team with the exact steps to effectively sell your agency’s solution. Even if they have no sales experience.

Turn Missed Sales Into Opportunities Your Team Can’t Miss

Empower your team to act on every opportunity.

Rest easy knowing that revenue is going to YOUR agency instead of outside providers.

Let LAUNCH’s client planning tool reveals exactly what’s coming up next for a client, who’s going to do it, and when it’s going to happen.

Risk Evaluations That are Consistent and Effective

Your sales team is on the same page on what questions to ask and when to ask them.

Go deeper with your prospects and clients and uncover more information than ever before.

Let your producers focus on the client relationship – while LAUNCH proves the value of that relationship.

Sales ebook on ipad

Want To Know How LAUNCH Works?

Here’s an example:

Your team member sits with a client and opens the LAUNCH platform.

LAUNCH gives you the best questions to start the sales conversation.

The advisor is alerted to possible opportunities for each client.

LAUNCH builds the reports for you, breaking down your client’s risk profile and highlighting the areas where you can provide value.

Demo LAUNCH Today

See how LAUNCH can help your agency today. Check out a preview of the platform then sign up for the on-demand demo.

What Others Are Saying

“It’s never been more difficult for an insurance broker to differentiate. LAUNCH offers a unique edge, giving brokers a clear pathway to becoming comprehensive risk and business advisors.”

Drew Yancey, PhD

President and COO, InCite Performance Group

“In 20 years of working with clients, I have never had tool more impactful than LAUNCH. It is a revolutionary platform that not only supports those we represent, but Advisors as well.  It has completely changed the way in which we are able to work with both clients and prospects.”

Seth Denson

GDP Advisors