Build a Niche Marketing and Targeting Plan using ChatGPT

Today, let’s explore ChatGPT’s ability to help us develop a Niche Marketing Program. I told it that I wanted to build out a Niche in Restaurants with at least 3 locations and asked it to help me develop that plan. The first thing it did was give me recommendations for what I should include in the plan and actions I should take. Those included: 1. Market Research, 2. Networking, 3. Marketing, 4. Establishing Yourself as an Expert, 5. Service Excellence. Not bad really but we need it to go deeper.

Market Research

ChatGPT just rolled out Web Browsing so I wanted to see what it could do. I asked it to search the web and tell me what are the top risks and concerns related to insurance that restaurant owners should be concerned about? This took a little longer (like 4 minutes) and it produced the following: 1. Data Management, 2. Property Insurance Market, 3. Supply Chain Vulnerabilities, 4. Cyber Risks, and 5. Human Capital Challenges. Most of these came from some articles posted on Marsh’s website but the system does a good job of site those sources. It then said that it ran out of time before it could find more specific data – I thought this was interesting…

Either way, that is a pretty solid list given the current business environment we are in but I am not sure what solutions I can provide to my clients, right? Well I just asked it to help me. It gave me 3 different potential solutions to each of those risks that I could consider bringing to my client. Obviously, some of these don’t apply but it is a great spot to start.

Client Survey

One of the original suggestions under Market Research was to create a survey to better understand my prospect’s pain points. I don’t know how to do that so I just asked it to create the survey for me. It produced 10 questions for my survey and even provided suggestions on how I could position the prospect’s responses. Now let’s assume that I totally agreed with every question that it recommended (you would want to adjust them to your style and make sure they are accurate) I still didn’t know how I could send this to a prospect and get them to fill it out. I needed help drafting my email to them to get them engaged.

ChatGPT provided me with an initial email that I could attach my survey to as well as a follow-up email I could send in case they don’t respond to the first one. I am telling you, these are creepy in how accurate they are. You can also ask it to write the email in a certain tone or a certain voice. An example might be, write this email to send to my prospect to include the survey but write it as if I were talking to a friend. It would produce an email that is in a very friendly tone. This is something that it excels at, but I digress. Let’s keep moving.

Marketing Plan

Now that we have some solid info about our target prospects we need to figure out how to market to them. I wanted to start with direct reach out and in particular a cold email sequence. I also wanted to include a statistic that 70% of insurance submissions are incomplete and don’t ask for all available credits. I asked ChatGPT to build me a a 3 email campaign that included that statistic and would open up new opportunities in these prospects.

I was actually really impressed with the results here! It didn’t just include the statistics word for word but instead referenced it naturally in 2 of the 3 emails.

Let’s assume that my email campaign doesn’t work. I need to cold call these people. I had it create me an entire cold call script (it based it off of my 70% statistic above without me even asking it to) and write me the most likely objections and responses to those objections.

This wasn’t perfect but also wasn’t bad at all. For someone that would be new to cold calling I think this type of prompting could be invaluable.

Content Marketing

In order to set myself up as the expert in Multi-location Restaurants we should have a marketing strategy. ChatGPT is pretty solid at helping you brainstorm topics and even write some draft blog posts and social media posts. I first had it come up with 10 topics that I could use for blog posts. It not only gave me the topics but also a short description of what I should cover in each of the posts.

Since I am not a content writer I need some help writing these blog posts. I liked topics 1, 2 and 4 that it came up with so I asked it to write me a blog post for each one AND include corresponding LinkedIn and Twitter posts for me.

I thought it was pretty solid here. I would recommend reading these thoroughly and putting your spin on them but it gets you at least 75% of the way there. It is especially helpful when you are having trouble writing the content. This can spark your creativity and help push you along.

All in all I thought this was a pretty sweet application of the system. It certainly wasn’t perfect but if I was just getting started in the business and had this tool I truly feel as if it could be a massive aid in building out your niche business.

If you want to see me walk through the full prompts I gave it and my additional thoughts on how well it handled each request check out the YouTube video I did reviewing the results: