LAUNCH is taking the next step in delivering its cutting-edge risk management technology with the hiring of JT Seger as Chief Technology Officer.  

LAUNCH, founded in 2020, is an insurance sales CRM that helps insurance and risk management companies deliver better service to clients. Seger steps into the role to continue building out new features, improve upon an excellent client experience and user interface, oversee the development team, and provide strategy for future development goals.  

“We couldn’t be more excited for what JT brings to LAUNCH,” Co-Founder Elliot Bassett said. “He’s a strategic leader with a development background, which will allow him to step in and continue building and improving our technology.” 

picture of JT Seger, CTO of LAUNCH

JT Seger, CTO

LAUNCH helps guide insurance agents and risk advisors in their discussions with clients and prospects, produces recommended risk management solutions, and generates a proprietary Risk Evaluation score that benchmarks client success across various risk areas.  

“There is huge opportunity in the insurance space for innovation and disruption,” Seger said. “LAUNCH has already shown its value in moving an archaic industry forward, and I’m excited to be part of that.” 

Insurance is often viewed as a product, Bassett said, and LAUNCH is about helping insurance be treated as a service. 

“If you look at how the insurance industry operates, it’s often about pushing a product to solve a single problem,” Bassett said. “With LAUNCH, it’s about looking at risk from a wider lens and delivering services that your clients actually need, then benchmarking your success so the client can be confident in the solution.” 

Seger will be overseeing new features coming to LAUNCH, including expanding the LAUNCHGenius AI integration, creating custom risk evaluations, building out the training materials, and improving the user interface and user experience.  

“This is a technology that makes your sales process consistent, creates client confidence, and is efficient to use,” Seger said. “With that foundation already in place and our users finding so much success, the next step is to change the insurance industry as a whole. I’m confident we can do that.” 



Founded in 2020, LAUNCH is a technology designed to help insurance agencies and risk management firms have better conversations with prospects and clients, create clarity around sales activities, benchmark and score risk levels across multiple impact areas, and coach new risk advisors and agents. We believe in insurance as a service as opposed to insurance as a product, and LAUNCH is built for agencies with the same mindset.