A new version of Launch is available, along with some great new improvements and features. Insurance client management just got easier!

Risk score slider

Quickly and easily set a client’s risk score with the easy-to-use visual slider.

With this visual indicator, you won’t ever need to go digging in your notes for your client’s risk score again.


Solution dropdown

What solution is right for your client?

Use the solution dropdown to pick the product best matched to your client’s needs.

This section also includes a comments section where you can make notes on your clients. This is a great space to log the risk areas you discussed.

This makes it easy to track the products your clients are using, which gives you the ability to better tailor your conversations and services to their needs.

Action items window

The action items window allows you to make notes on next steps, be it setting up a policy, follow-up, renewal, or otherwise.

Track next tasks, who’s responsible for which task, and when it’s going to be completed. This removes any ambiguity or confusion when it comes to “what’s next?” for a client. That question always has an answer that is visible across the entire agency.

One- or three-year toggle

This is the cherry on top. We’ve added a simple one- or three-year toggle to add to the client’s risk management plan. All this can be done with the click of a button! It’s just another way we’re making insurance client management easier 🙂


Plan tab

If you want to see a client’s comprehensive plan, click on the plan tab to get the one-year and three-year objectives.

All the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Benefits of Launch

Launch helps you stand out in a commoditized market and scale faster than your competitors.

You can better tailor your services to your clients with the right information always within reach, which makes scaling easier. You can get more done in less time even with a smaller team.