Let’s Get Ready to LAUNCH!

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Treat Insurance as a Service with LAUNCH

Most insurance professionals are stuck in the past. Agency “growth” is typically synonymous with pushing products, which often leads to selling a round peg to fit a square hole.

LAUNCH is here to help you go from insurance as a product to insurance as a service.

Rather than focusing on the products being sold, LAUNCH helps you build relationships with clients and prospects by asking the right questions, connecting them with other services you offer, and taking a holistic approach to insurance regardless of your niche.

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LAUNCH Features

Risk Scoring

Differentiate from your competition by scoring your clients’ risk profile. Help them benchmark where they are today and where you want them to be in the future. 

Prebuilt Assessments

Get your sales team on the same page with prebuilt assessments that you can start using today to close more deals.

Client Strategic Plans

Easily build out your client strategic plans to show them how you will get them from where they are today to where they desire to be.

Unleash the Power of AI

LAUNCHGenius delivers AI-powered risk management recommendations and helps newer producers understand why it’s important to ask certain questions.

Sales Training

Your team receives training how to treat insurance as a service along with LAUNCH onboarding.

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How to Implement LAUNCH

for Agents

Whether you’re a scratch agency, just starting in the industry, or want to set yourself apart from your competition, LAUNCH is the single-user solution to elevate your skills.

for Teams

Whether you’re leading three sales professionals or a team of 12, LAUNCH gets everyone on the same page and helps you deliver a unified experience across your organization.

for Enterprise

LAUNCH unifies your company across departments, teams and goals to help you get those most out of the relationships you’ve already built.

Implement LAUNCH Today

Want to walk through LAUNCH together? Let’s jump on a call to discuss how LAUNCH could fit your firm, your niche, your team and your goals.