As an Insurance Broker you are typically selling the same or similar products as your competitors. In a lot of cases we all have the same carriers. When you have the same product as your competitors how do you differentiate? How do you bring something to your prospects that NO ONE else has?

The answer: create your own Intellectual Property. IP is something that no one else can replicate because no one thinks the same way as you do. This seems daunting right? It doesn’t have to be, in fact it can be simple. All you have to do is create your own process, and in that process your own custom assessment that you go through with the client to identify their risk, their pain points and areas that you can help.

If you create your own assessment, then NO ONE else can do it the same as you. You can now tell your clients that you offer something they can’t get anywhere else.

Why Is This Important?

This is the simplest and best way to stand out from your competition. This is custom to you and your agency. Your competition doesn’t have anything like it because you created it.

How Do I Create My Own Assessments?

This doesn’t have to be as hard as many people make it. You deal with clients all day long and know what issues and risks they deal with on a regular basis. Get out the old whiteboard and make a list of their top challenges, risks, pain points etc. Once you have that list write out questions for each area that can help you understand if this prospect has pain in this area. Keep your question open-ended for the most part. Open-ended questions create dialogue and dialogue leads to uncovering pain.

Pro tip: Score Your Assessment

If you really want to elevate your Assessment game, come up with a scoring mechanism that provides the prospect with a tangible score that they can see. This plays to the psychology of the prospect. We want them to be able to visualize where they rank on a particular score. Think of your credit score. It is a badge of honor to have a credit score of 800+ and we all watch it closely. Do the same thing with your prospects.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Good News! LAUNCH gives you the tool to easily create your own assessments. You can start from scratch or build on top of the assessments that we already have built in the system. Once you have your questions outlined you can easily create a scoring mechanism using the Risk Score in LAUNCH!

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